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Hopewell and St. James Settlement Called for Hundred Volunteers to Spread Blessing to Singleton Elderly at Tuen Ng Festival 
24 May 2014

Hopewell Holdings Limited (“Hopewell”) joined force with St. James Settlement (“St. James”) to co-organize the Tuen Ng Volunteer Visit to Elderly on Saturday, 24 May 2014 for the fourth consecutive year. Nearly 110 HH Social Club volunteers together with their families and friends paid home visit and spreaded warmth and love to around 130 units of singleton elderly residing in various districts of Hong Kong - Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, North Point, Kwun Tong, Tsuen Wan and Tsing Yi. The total number of beneficiaries in Tuen Ng Volunteer Visit Program reached 800 this year.
Bring Warmth to the Elderly

This event was one of the programmes under “Bless Hong Kong” Campaign organized by the Societal Engagement Task Force of the Commission on Poverty which focuses on poverty alleviation and encourages the spirit of mutual help by organizing activities for the benefit of the underprivileged. Upholding the idea of “helping those in need, is a blessing in deed”, Hopewell staff and their families and friends embraced the spirit of giving and care to the singleton elderly from St. James’ Funeral Navigation Service in this festive season.
On the event day, HH Social Club volunteers gathered in the morning at the headquarters of St. James to prepare bags of presents, including gifts, fruits, daily necessities and high-fibre rice dumplings. Panda Hotel specially made the high-fibre rice dumplings for the elderly with healthy “Five Gains” ingredient and sponsored the breakfast for the volunteers to appreciate their hard work. Representatives from St. James also conducted a briefing with the team prior to the visits, which enabled volunteers to be equipped with the skillset to better communicate with the elderly and identify their needs. Volunteers also learned the techniques in conducting assessment on home safety for the elderly by observing their living environment during the visit.

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