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Our Communities

Collaborate with Community Partners

The “Strike” Bowling Program is jointly organized with our community partner, St. James’ Settlement, setting the stage for training athletes to participate in the 37th Hong Kong Special Olympics bowling sports in 2013. Hopewell started off the bowling training class for intellectual disabled youth, with Hong Kong Bowling Team Representative, Ms Vanessa Fung, as the coach and Hopewell volunteers as training partners. Carbon Footprint Management

Promote Voluntary Work

We encourage our staff to contribute to society through participating in community programmes as well as taking up voluntary work, such as visiting solitary elderly, organising Christmas parties for intellectual disabled children and underprivileged families. We also mobilise staff members to participate in various environmental activities such as tree planting, low carbon lunches, recycling programmes, etc. Carbon Footprint Management

Support Youth Development

We actively supports development of young people. Our ongoing support for youth development saw the launch of a programme for local university students to encourage them to view international issues from a global perspective and improve their analytical abilities. We have sponsored programmes which encouraged secondary students to help promote environmental protection. Professional training and exposure were being provided to help the students unleash their potentials and build up resilience alongside the embedding vision in environmental protection. We also support projects that encourage young people to achieve goals they set for themselves.

We offer Management Trainee Programme to high caliber talents and outstanding graduates. We support the Hong Kong Athletes Career and Education Programme which helps former professional athletes to transit from their sport to the mainstream market, joining us to develop their potential and career.
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Promote Arts and Cultural Development

We are playing an increasing role in promoting arts and cultural development in Hong Kong. In addition to offering sponsorship to arts and cultural events through our versatile performance venues at KITEC, a wide variety of such events, including concerts, musicals, dance performances and multimedia shows have been held at KITEC. Carbon Footprint Management