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Our Achievements


Hopewell Awarded Energywi$e Certificate and Wastewi$e Certificate 
Hopewell Holdings Limited (“Hopewell”) has been committed to sustainable development and actively reducing carbon emissions. Hopewell and its subsidiary, Panda Place, have been certified by the Hong Kong Green Organization and has been awarded the Energy Saving Certificate at the "Excellent Level" and the Waste Reduction Certificate at the "Basic Level". In addition, Panda Place has also been certified at the "Good Level" for waste reduction.
The Hong Kong Green Organization Certification is jointly organized by the Environmental Campaign Committee, the Environment and Ecology Bureau, and nine other organizations. It aims to recognize companies' commitment and contributions to environmental protection, attesting to the efforts made by the Group in energy conservation and waste reduction or recycling. The certifications are based on the level of contributions made by companies in energy saving and waste reduction efforts, with three levels including "Basic Level," "Good Level," and "Excellent Level."
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Hopewell and Seven Subsidiaries Awarded in the Caring Company Logo 
Hopewell Holdings Limited  (“Hopewell”)  and its seven subsidiary companies have once again been awarded the "Caring Company" logo by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, in recognition of the Group's contributions and efforts in caring for the community, employees, and the environment over the past year.
Among them, Kowloon Panda Hotel Limited has been honored with this distinction for over twenty consecutive years, earning the "Caring Company 20 Years Plus" logo. Additionally, Hopewell Centre Management Limited has received this recognition for fifteen consecutive years and has been acknowledged with the "Caring Company 15 Years Plus" logo.

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Hopewell Received Bronze Award in Methodist Centre's Healthy Corporate Award Scheme 2023 
This year, for the first time, Hopewell Holdings Limited (“Hopewell”) participated in the Healthy Corporate Award Scheme 2023 organized by the Methodist Centre and was awarded the Bronze Award and the "Healthy Enterprise" logo, recognizing the Group's outstanding performance in enhancing employee health, promoting healthy work, and cultivating a health-oriented culture over the past year.
The Healthy Corporate Award Presentation Ceremony was successfully held on February 1st, with over 60 companies or organizations receiving the "Healthy Enterprise" or "Healthy Organization" designation.
By participating in the Healthy Corporate Award Scheme 2023, Hopewell has demonstrated its commitment to the health and well-being of its employees. The Group is dedicated to providing a healthy work environment, encouraging employee participation in various health activities, and fostering a culture that promotes healthy lifestyles. Through continued collaboration with the Methodist Centre and other NGOs, the Group aims to further enhance employee health and create a healthier, more positive, and vibrant work environment.
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