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Our Environment

Carbon Footprint Management

Hopewell has been a “Carbon Audit, Green Partner” of the Environment Protection Department since 2008, having signed the Carbon Reduction Charter to support efforts in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

We monitor and review energy consumption and carbon emissions at our existing facilities, as well as conducting carbon audits on our major businesses and properties. We actively seek ways to further reduce carbon emissions. After reviewing the energy consumption patterns, we have carried out extensive upgrade of our facilities and enhancement of work procedures to further enhance the environment.
Carbon Footprint Management

Cultivate a Green Culture in the Workplace

Involving our employees in environmental initiatives is an effective way to increase their awareness of environmental issues. The Go Green Workplace campaign was launched to promote green practices in the workplace, recognise the efforts of our staff in environmental protection at corporate level and to encourage them to sustain the green efforts in their daily lives in the long term. A Green Captain has been appointed from each business unit / department to take the lead in influencing staff members to participate in environmental initiatives. We have also launched a Green Column in the Intranet to facilitate exchange of ideas and experiences related to environmental protection.
Carbon Footprint Management

Commitment to Green Building

The Group is committed to developing green buildings. We implement green building standards and incorporate environmental and energy conservation features and adopt bio friendly materials in the construction of our property projects. We consider environmental impacts throughout a building’s life cycle – from the design stage all the way through to the management and maintenance of completed premises, and adopt measures to enhance their energy efficiency.
Carbon Footprint Management

Promote Electric Vehicles

To support academic research and development, it has sponsored and supported an Innovation Technology Fund (ITF) application research project entitled “A 100kW Quick EV Charger with Active Filtering and Smart Charging Topologies” undertaken by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. This aims to devise a 100kW Quick EV Charger that could help in the development of more user-friendly EV charging stations and popularise the use of EVs. We have established a special committee headed by senior executives to monitor the development of EVs globally.

Pioneering and promoting the use of electrical vehicles (EV) is an integral part of our efforts to promote cleaner air by reducing roadside emissions. We first introduced hybrid vehicles into our company car fleet in 2006. In addition to the MyCar and i-MiEV electric vehicles acquired in 2009 and 2010 respectively, we further strengthened our green fleet with a LEAF EV which was delivered in May 2011 and FLUENCE Z.E. which was delivered in September 2012. In 2013, we purchased two 45 seater electric coaches to replace two of the existing conventional shuttle buses servicing between Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre and Kowloon Bay MTR station.

Carbon Footprint Management

Environmentally Responsible Power Generation

The Heyuan Power Plant is one of the most efficient and environmentally responsible coal-fired power plants in Guangdong Province. It was also the first in China to be equipped with a flue gas desulphurisation wastewater treatment system.

In 2013, we completed installation of NOx reduction system for Unit 2 of the power generating units. We invested into the installation of lift inside the chimney and upgraded the Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS), which allows relevant emission data of the power plant to be effectively accessible by our staff as well as the inspector of PRC authorities.

Carbon Footprint Management

Environmental Protection Concept Implantation

Hopewell jointly organized Coastal Cleanup Challenge with Hong Kong Cleanup in 2013 to advocate coastal environment protection and youth development. Over a hundred of volunteers and secondary school students participated in the event to clean up the trash and protect the beautiful shorelines.

Hopewell sponsored “Hopewell – Yan Oi Tong Green Adventure - Mount Everest” in 2012 as to carry out our commitment in climate change and youth development. A hundred of youth ambassadors were selected from local secondary schools; and out of all, 20 participants were chosen to join the expedition. Through a series of professional training and exposure, the youth were well-equipped as ambassadors in the promotion of environmental protection, exploring the harmonic relationship between human and nature, passing on our passion and commitment.

Carbon Footprint Management