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Our People

HH Social Club

This informal organisation continues to grow with the Group, bringing together staff members in a cohesive and sustainable force. The objectives of the HH Social Club include:

To engage staff members in a variety of sports and recreational activities
To facilitate the implementation of sustainability initiatives within the company
To promote voluntary service among staff
To provide a platform to enhance internal communication
To help staff members achieve a work-life balance and develop a healthy lifestyle through organising various activities
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Corporate Volunteer Team

The Group formally established a volunteer team in early 2011. The objectives include:

To encourage staff members to take part in community projects and so contribute to society
To share their volunteering experience in community-related projects so as to encourage further participation
To strengthen the sense of belonging
To provide an additional platform for team building
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Strengthen Talent Development

We offer a variety of training and development programmes to enhance productivity and unleash the potential of our employees, and to help them prepare for their future roles. In addition to formal training programmes, we also provide on-the-job training and seminars to relevant employees on various topics including health and safety, stress management and human rights. Carbon Footprint Management

Promote Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is instrumental to maintaining a productive, healthy and cohesive workforce. To promote a work-life balance, the Group has launched an “Employee Care Programme” which organises a wide range of staff activities, including a bowling charity league, green outings, dinner gatherings and staff parties to encourage employees’ interaction outside working hours and to cultivate a sustainable life style. Carbon Footprint Management

Employee Assistance Programme (“EAP”)

"EAP" was launched to improve staff productivity and quality of life by offering counseling for employee/family members, critical incident management, staff training and work-life balance activities. Hopewell employees were trained to become “Certified Caring Ambassadors” and provide assistance to their peers in the working environment. Carbon Footprint Management