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Hopewell Wins Two Laurels at the Asian Excellence Recognition Awards 2012 
30 Mar 2012

Hopewell Holdings Limited (“Hopewell”) is honored to have received the “Best Investor Relations” and “Best Corporate Social Responsibility” awards at the “2nd Asian Excellence Recognition Awards 2012”. For two years in succession, Hopewell has consecutively received the two laurels, a tangible testimony to the Group’s excellent performance in investor relations and corporate social responsibility. Mr. Thomas Wu, the Managing Director of Hopewell Holdings Limited, has also been selected as “Asia’s Best CEO (Investor Relations)” in Hong Kong.

Organised by Corporate Governance Asia, one of the Asia region’s most authoritative journals on corporate management, the “2nd Asian Excellence Recognition Awards” are designed to recognise excellence in investor communications, business ethics, corporate social responsibility (CSR), environmental practices and financial performance. The assessment and recognition are based on the scores submitted by readers and interviews conducted with investors.

Hopewell will continue to maintain an open and proactive communication with stakeholders, establish a close working relationship with them and at the same time achieve sustainable corporate development.

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