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Joint Teams of Hopewell and NGO Partners Enjoy Success in the Community Chest Sports Corporate Challenge 
20 Mar 2011

Hopewell Holdings Limited (“Hopewell”) sponsored two joint teams of staff members and youth representatives of our NGO partners, St. James’ Settlement (“SJS”) and The Boys and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (“BGC”), to take part in the Community Chest Sports Corporate Challenge on 20th and 26th March. Mr. Thomas Wu, Managing Director of Hopewell Holdings Limited, led the Hopewell-SJS team in winning the overall Super Team Champions Cup and the swimming competition. As a result, Hopewell demonstrates a cooperative spirit and social integration with the community. The KITEC-BGC team was second runner in the relay race.

Apart from putting up HK$200,000 in sponsorship for the teams, the company also donated prizes with total value of around HK$160,000 for the games. The Community Chest Sports Corporate Challenge 2011 provides an opportunity for corporations to build team spirit and at the same time, show their care to the needy. All donations will be allocated to the Chest's member social welfare agencies in providing Children and Youth Services.

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