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Hopewell Sponsors Hong Kong Tree Planting Day 2014 
12 Apr 2014

Hopewell Holdings Limited (“Hopewell”) sponsored the Hong Kong Tree Planting Day 2014 held on Saturday, 12 April 2014 at Tai Tong, Yuen Long. This event organized by the Hong Kong Tree Planting Day Organizing Committee is the largest annual tree planting event in Hong Kong. It targets to promote green Hong Kong and raise public awareness on environmental protection, hill fire prevention and tree preservation.

Build a greener environment

Around 60 HH Social Club volunteers comprising Hopewell staff, their families and friends, joined together with the volunteers of various government departments, organizations and companies to take part in planting tree seedlings. Under the guidance of the staff from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, HH Social Club volunteers planted around 500 tree seedlings of various species at the assigned tree planting area in Tai Tong to build a greener environment.

Raise public awareness on environmental protection

All participants including 600 members of the People’s Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison and 350 volunteers planted around 8,000 tree seedlings in Hong Kong Tree Planting Day 2014.

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