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Our Environment

Six Subsidiaries of Hopewell Received Wastewi$e Label in the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence 
09 Apr 2015

Hopewell Centre, GARDENEast, Panda Hotel, Panda Place, Villa Lotto and Broadwood Twelve have been awarded “Wastewi$e Label” of the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence. Among these, GARDENEast, Panda Place and Villa Lotto have granted with “Class of Excellence” Wastewi$e Label. Hopewell Centre, Panda Hotel and Broadwood Twelve have also received “Class of Good” Wastewi$e Label in recognition of their commitment to environmental protection by adopting measures to reduce the amount of waste.
The Wastewi$e Label is jointly organized by the Environmental Campaign Committee, Environmental Protection Department and nine organizations. It aims to encourage Hong Kong businesses / organizations in adopting green management and green innovations, as well as to reduce the amount of waste generated within their establishments or generated through the services and products they provide, and to recognize the waste reduction efforts of those companies.

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