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Hopewell Becomes the First Corporation in Hong Kong to Purchase New Renault Electric Vehicle with Zero Carbon Dioxide Emission 
06 Sep 2012

Hopewell Holdings Limited (“Hopewell”) has purchased a new Renault FLUENCE Z.E.100% electric vehicle (“EV”) to further strengthen its EV fleet. As part of its continuous efforts in fulfilling its corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) initiatives on environment protection and corporate sustainability, Hopewell strongly supports the use of EVs to promote cleaner air by reducing roadside emissions. A car delivery ceremony was held at Hopewell Centre in Wan Chai earlier for the delivery of the very first one among the first batch of newly-arrived FLUENCE Z.E. EVs in Hong Kong, which has zero carbon dioxide emission.

As a pioneer in the use of electric vehicles, Hopewell introduced the first hybrid vehicle to the company car fleet in 2006, followed by the purchase of two EVs, i-MiEV & LEAF in 2010 and 2011 respectively. With the new FLUENCE Z.E., HHL has a total of three 100% electric vehicles in its EV fleet, two of them equipped with cross-border licenses, in hopes of bringing the green living concepts to Mainland China.

Mr. William Wong, Executive Director of Hopewell, said, “We have consistently been promoting a low carbon and energy saving lifestyle by taking the lead in introducing zero carbon dioxide emission’s EVs. To further our efforts in environmental protection and cleaner air promotion, we gradually expand our EV fleet and install electric vehicle chargers in our commercial and residential properties. We aspire to influence our peers and other companies, and join us in using green vehicles for a sustainable environment in the future.”

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