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Hopewell Garners Two Awards in 'Corporate Green Driving Award Scheme 2011' 
01 Jan 2012

Hopewell Holdings Limited ("Hopewell") has won the ‘Most Significant Fuel Efficiency Improvement’ Gold award and the ‘Most Significant Fuel Consumption Saver’ Silver Award in the ‘Take a "Brake" Low Carbon Action - Corporate Green Driving Award Scheme 2011’, which was jointly organised by Friends of the Earth (HK), Green Power and WWF-Hong Kong.

The two awards are in recognition of Hopewell’s efforts in reducing vehicle emissions, promoting clean air and creating a low carbon environment.

Working together to enhance fuel efficiency

The objectives of ‘Corporate Green Driving Award Scheme 2011’ is to encourage organisations to improve fuel efficiency, motivate people to drive less and adopt green driving habits, which in turn can help improve air quality. Participating organisations are required to submit data such as the amount of fuel saved per kilometer and total fuel consumption of their car fleets to the organiser. To enhance employee understanding of transport-related air pollution issues, Hopewell invited Mr. Edwin Lau, Director of Friends of the Earth (HK), to an ‘Eco-Driving Workshop’ at Hopewell Centre to explain eco driving methods to participants. It is with the cooperation and efforts of staff members that Hopewell can achieve the goals of reducing fuel consumption.

Hopewell will continue to promote eco-driving by expanding the proportion of environmentally friendlier vehicles in its corporate fleet and exploring the possibility of installing more charging facilities for electric vehicles at its properties and along its expressways.

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