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Our Environment

Hopewell again Sponsors and Supports WWF Earth Hour 
23 Mar 2013

Sustainability is integral to the values and business of Hopewell Holdings Limited (“Hopewell”). To enhance public awareness of climate change issues, Hopewell again sponsored and supported WWF Earth Hour in Hong Kong in March 2013.

Earth Hour, one of the largest global environmental campaigns, encourages energy saving and promotes sustainable living. To support this global event, six major properties of the Group switched off their exterior decorative lights for an hour, from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on 23rd March 2013. These buildings include Hopewell Centre, QRE Plaza, GARDENEast, E-Max, Panda Hotel and Panda Place.

In addition, Hopewell Highway Infrastructure Company Limited’s joint venture companies, Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Zhuhai Superhighway Company Limited and Guangdong Guangzhou-Zhuhai West Superhighway Company Limited, have also encouraged their staff members to switch off the lights at the staff dormitory buildings in Guangdong province during the Earth Hour.

Actively managing and reducing carbon emissions

Hopewell is playing its part in addressing the climate change challenge by adopting energy efficient management practices. The Group implements measures to monitor and reduce its carbon emissions, promote the use of electric vehicles, and also encourage its staff members to save energy in their daily lives.

Hopewell will continue to support and promote on reducing carbon emissions of Hong Kong through various initiatives for building a better future.

Carbon Footprint Management








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