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Hopewell Holdings Limited and St. James’ Settlement Join Hands to Celebrate Tuen Ng Festival with Over 1,000 Elderly Singletons 
10 Jun 2023

Hopewell Holdings Limited (“Hopewell”, “HHL”) jointly organized the “Tuen Ng Volunteer Programme” with St. James’ Settlement (“SJS”) for the thirteenth year, celebrating Tuen Ng Festival with more than 1,000 elderly. Since its launch, the programme has benefitted over 12,000 elderly singletons in total, extending warm wishes to the elderly during the Tuen Ng Festival.
Amidst the pandemic, the Tuen Ng Volunteer Programme offered support in an alternative way by making phone calls to the elderly, taking care of their mental health and living conditions.
On 10 June 2023, 32 HH Social Club volunteers, their families and friends participated in the Tuen Ng Volunteer Visit. They prepared gift packs including rice dumplings from Panda Hotel, daily necessities and stress balls for around 50 households of singleton elderly living in various districts of Hong Kong (Wan Chai, Southern, Eastern and Tsuen Wan) at the headquarters of SJS. The volunteers attended the briefing by the social worker to learn the communication skills with the singleton elderly. During the home visits, the volunteers presented the gift packs and shared festive love. To express our gratitude towards volunteers, those volunteers who had continued to support for five consecutive years were presented a certificate during the event, in recognition of their perseverance and contribution to serving the community over the years.
Mrs. Ivy Wu Kwok, Director of Hopewell Holdings Limited, said, “Hopewell strives to contribute to the community, meeting the needs of the communities in which we operate over the years. Since 2011, we have encouraged our staff to spread love and warmth to the singleton elderly before Tuen Ng Festival. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our staff for their long-term support in the voluntary activities.”
Mr. Andy Wong, Senior Service Manager (Continuing Care Service) of St. James’ Settlement, said, “We are delighted to work closely with Hopewell for the thirteenth year. This year, the programme not only arranged the Tuen Ng Volunteer Visit, but also the cultural guided tour in Blue House and the “Mini Flower Plaque Workshop”. These activities brought unforgettable experiences to the singleton elderly and encouraged them to go out, expanding their social network.”

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