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Hopewell and St. James’ Co-Organized Wan Chai Cultural Tour for around 50 elderly 
20 May 2023

Hopewell Holdings Limited (“Hopewell”, “HHL”) jointly organized the “Tuen Ng Volunteer Programme” with St. James’ Settlement (“SJS”) for the thirteenth year, celebrating Tuen Ng Festival with more than 1,000 elderly.
This year, nearly 20 HH Social Club volunteers along with the awardee from the Hopewell Huadu Student Scholarship, participated in a cultural guided tour in the Blue House Cluster with around 50 elderly on 20 May 2023. The tour helped them understand the historical and conservation perspective of the Blue House in Wan Chai. Volunteers also joined the "Mini Flower Plaque Workshop" with the elderly, helping them create mini flower plaques and learn basic bamboo and paper crafting techniques. After the workshop, they enjoyed a French-style luncheon together at JUNON under Hopewell. The elderly were also presented with gift packs and rice dumplings to celebrate the Tuen Ng Festival.

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