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Corporate Profile

Hopewell Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong-based group, was founded in 1972. The Group has continuously grown and become one of the leading conglomerates in Hong Kong. With a solid foundation, our core business areas include property development and investment, hotel and hospitality.

The Group, with strong expertise in investment, development and engineering of major projects, focuses on Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta region in the PRC and is founded on visionary strategic initiatives.

The involvement by the Group in the PRC projects can be traced back to the adoption of the Open Door Policy in the late 1970's. The Group's first project in the PRC was the 5-star hotel project in Guangzhou, the China Hotel. Since then, the Group invested in major power and transportation infrastructure projects in the Pearl River Delta region, initiating the trend of investment in such areas by Hong Kong enterprises, which included:

The Shenzhen Railway Station Customs and Frontier Inspection Building in Lowu,
The Huanggang Crossing Border Control Complex,
The 122.80-km Guangzhou Shenzhen Superhighway,
The 38-km Guangzhou East-South-West Ring Road,
The 102-km Shunde Roads,
The 40-km Shunde 105 Road,
The Boca Tigris Bridge,
The 15-km Guangzhou Zhuhai Superhighway (Phase I),
The Shajiao 'B' and 'C' power station projects.
The strategy of the Group is to capitalize on the Pearl River Delta regional demand induced by continued economic growth in the PRC. Building on its existing presence, Hopewell maintains its position as a pre-eminent developer. Over the years, the Group developed many large-scale projects in Asia, playing a significant role in improving the economies in many communities and raising the living standards of their people.
Over the years, the Group developed many large-scale projects in Asia.
Awards and Recognition
The Group accolades from various professional organizations.