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Hopewell Management Trainee Program have been organized for 12 years. We have long history with successful stories. We provide a great platform for them to gain all-rounded and diversified business exposure.

Jason Chung
Senior Officer - Marketing & Promotions
2016 MT Intake - Digital Marketing & User Experiences
Journey of self-discovery

Being lost and confused about career path is very common for graduates, I am no different. Hopewell’s Management Trainee Program provides me a wide exposure with countless opportunities to involve in different business sectors, to discover and to reinforce my career aspiration.

In this 2 years program, I have been to the Marketing team in Hospitality, Property, and Entertainment business as well as departments that out of my career focus. For instance, Corporate Finance, Leasing & IT. All these experiences backed up my decision to further develop my career in Property Marketing and station at the team after the completion of the MT program.

As for now, given the experiences that I gained as an MT, I am confident and comfortable in my current position as a Senior Officer. During my time under our Property marketing team, I have already involved in 4 promotion videos with over 5M impressions & over 3.2M views. This is not the end of the journey, but a beginning of a new chapter. Stay tuned!
David Poon
Senior Project Development Officer
2016 MT Intake - Hospitality
Unveiled my untapped talents

Graduated with a degree in Marketing, I have chosen to join Hopewell Management Trainee Program in 2016 under Hospitality. As I knew the program that will be tailor made and will be adjusted according to my needs. The program provides different departments rotation, which allows me to find my strength and career directions.

Spending most time of the program in Hospitality, I have started working on operation work, from having basic ideas about hospitality to start engaging different projects. I have participated in one of our hotel wedding venues rebranding project, rename the venue to “悅園”. It was really excited your idea has been adopted by the company. Management are always supportive as long as you have creative and innovate ideas.

Through handling different projects, I realized my strength in doing research, handling different projects and greeting different parties. This program helps me unveiled my untapped talents as well as potentials. I decided to start my career under Project Development department, so that I can gain more experience in Hopewell coming different development project.
Calvin Lam
Assistant Manager - Marketing & Promotions
2015 MT Intake - Entertainment
The only limit is your imagination

I realized my interest in event promotions after organizing gigs and events when I was in university. Throughout the program, I was given opportunities in working in the Entertainment and Marketing department.

You will be given chances to express your ideas. One of the most memorable experience I had was organizing a Zombie Run for the East in 2016. From logistics to rundowns, from promotions to ticketing, I gained hands on experience with management’s advice. In Hopewell, management is always willing to listen to your ideas and implement them with their kind advice.

With the flexibility of the program, I decided to settle early in the marketing and promotions department with the supervisor’s advice and HR career consultation. They helped me in finding my true passion and encouraged me to walk out of my comfort zone. I finished my program half a year earlier and I am now stepping on the right track as an Assistant Manager in the Property Marketing team.
Priscilla Lau
Senior Business Development Officer - Entertainment and Branded Ventures
2015 MT Intake - Hospitality
The door of opportunity is always open

Having been living in Wan Chai, Hopewell Centre is somehow connected to my childhood memories. While having experiences in working in hotel as well as an interest in culture & meeting all walks of live at work , I am attracted to the Hopewell Management Trainee Program, particularly the Hospitality stream.

First half of my program mainly focuses on KITEC; then I spent 6 months’ time in Panda hotel following with corporate functions experiences. In my second month of the program I was already assigned to handle the logistics & overall arrangement of one the special events in Sundance Film Festive : Hong Kong 2015. One will be empowered with responsibilities and there will surely be lots of pleasant encounters and special memories along the way, say having a restaurant soft opening on the day of typhoon no. 8!

“Management Trainee” is a special role – it’s a job, but at the same time learning is one of our key tasks. Exposure and opportunities are limitless--- stay open-minded, be flexible, and each of us shall have our unique takeaways from the ride.
Jenny Liu
Senior Officer - Project Development (Hospitality)
2014 MT Intake - Hospitality
A continuous journey to discover more & more

As a fresh graduate, the Management Trainee Program is indeed an eye-opening window. Not only would we have a chance to go to different frontline and backhouse departments to understand the operations, what’s more valuable are the exposure to learn how to connect the dots along the operations flow, have a taste of the team dynamics and experience the coordination synergy among various arms of the company. These have all contributed to shape a solid foundation for making sound business decision.

Joining the Hopewell family has been a very rewarding journey for me. At first I was attracted by this company with its commitment to the society with many CSR community engagements. Gradually, I discover that we are very fortunate to be entrusted with hands on projects, management presentation and supporting new business adventure attempts. To name some of the most exciting projects it would be the hotel service upgrade project, which covered a thorough review of the procedures and monitoring of guest feedbacks for enhancements; the company 45th anniversary event which I took up the role as the reception floor manager and partnered with different departments to greet our guests with the warmest welcome. Those were very precious moments for me to work closely with colleagues with diverse strengths and work styles.

It is not easy to work closely with management with high expectation and attention to details. As a Management Trainee, we sometimes make mistakes and management is willing to spend time with us to make reflection and suggestions. I owe them a big thank you and will continue to learn and improve myself.
Alice Tong
Assistant Manager – Leasing
2014 MT Intake - Property
Take on early responsible and face the challenges ahead

What makes Hopewell Management Trainee Program stand out is its structured and comprehensive rotation scheme which gives trainee excellent exposure to every business function.

As a Management Trainee in the Property stream, I mainly worked in core business units like Asset Management, Marketing, Property Management and Leasing. In addition to job rotation, I was given the chance to work closely with Senior Management and participate in various projects, ranging from mall renovation to system development. All these experiences paved my way to embark my career in property leasing.

I am now working as an Assistant Manager in Leasing Department mainly responsible for lease negotiation and project management. Trainees in Hopewell are often given opportunities and supports in discovering their interested field of work. At the same time, they would be delegated with early responsibilities and resources. Just remember – be flexible and keep an open mind to every challenge!
Judy Lee
Assistant Manager, Project Development (Hospitality)
2013 MT Intake - Managing Director’s Office
Contribute to you, to company and to society

Time passes quickly to realize this is already my fifth year at Hopewell. 5 years sounds long, but it’s like a blink of an eye to me, as new challenges always come by every now and then.

I have been working under hospitality field which is different from my academic background. My MT rotation indeed helped me a lot to immerge myself quickly into the field. Rotations at frontline operation departments. , for example housekeeping and front desk is useful to understand the work flow and staff’s difficulties and concerns. There are also opportunities to shadow hotel management, where you would be able to see how to run a hotel, determine business strategies and handle management issues.

MTs also have the chance to work on various projects. I still remembered my first project was to launch a 1-year charitable program “Table For Two” at the restaurants under Hopewell group, it was a memorable experience to have made an incremental difference to the Company and the world.

Hopewell has given me the exposure to the business world and the opportunity to try, learn and even fail. To me, 5 years at Hopewell was really well-spent.
Athena Wong
Assistant Manager - Leasing
2013 MT Intake – Property
Abundant opportunities for talented people

From commercial property to residential, retail to entertainment property, Hopewell definitely contains a very rich and wide profile in property field. Being part of the property team is a great way to enhance your exposure. This is the reason why I chose Hopewell Management Trainee Program - Property Stream.

With my core stream in property, I spent most of my training time attached to different functions - leasing, marketing, property management, asset management, residential, accounting, HR etc. E-Max revamp for E-Max Home, E-Max WearHOUSE portions, pre-launch of The Metroplex cinema, research for Hopewell Centre II are all interesting projects that I worked on. The industry knowledge and experience acquired are all vital for career growth. I am glad to be part of the team, to work on various projects and ensure smooth and efficient outcome.

Direct supervision is always available from Senior Management. As an Assistant Manager - Leasing, I am working on our new revamp project – E-Max WearHOUSE, and looking forward to more new excitement and challenges.