1. Can I directly send my resume and cover letter to you instead of applying online ?
We currently accept online application only to enhance the efficiency of the application process. Yet, we welcome any additional information at later selection stages if necessary.

2. I am now staying overseas. Does it make any difference to my application ?
There will be no differences for the application as long as you meet our Hopewell MT Program requirements. However, please note that the whole selection process will take place in Hong Kong. Candidates who could not meet our selection schedule may not be entertained.

3. Do you have any preference on degree majors of the applicants ?
No, we do not have any specific requirements on the degree majors. We always welcome high calibers from any discipline to join us and share our company philosophy.

4. Is there any minimum GPA requirement in the selection process ?
Academic performance is only one of the selection criteria and we assess each candidate on comprehensive basis. We are looking for all-round talent who can demonstrate the key competencies we value.

5. How many graduates will Hopewell recruit this year ?
We do not have a quota for our Management Trainee recruitment. Each intake varies according to the caliber of candidates and our business requirement.

6. Will I have the opportunity to work in other countries ?
Each management trainee will be assigned to different job postings during training. Some job postings may require trainees to go on business travels or be rotated to the Mainland according to business needs.

7. Can I still apply for the Hopewell Management Trainee Program if I do not have the right of abode in Hong Kong ?
We welcome talents from all backgrounds to apply for our program, although applicants with such status will be subject to consideration on case-by-case basis.

8. Where and when will the assessment centre be conducted ?
Selected candidates will receive individual email for the next screening stage within 6 weeks after the application deadline.You may refer to our website for further selection process details.

9. What can I do if the internet connection encounters access failure during the online application process ?
We recommend you to save the data input constantly throughout the process. After reconnection, we advise you to use your assigned ID and password to complete the application. Your application will only be regarded as successful after receiving our confirmation email. Should you come across any difficulties, please feel free to email us at mtjourney@hhlmail.com.

10. Can I make any changes after the submission of application form ?
You can always make changes before submission. However, please be reminded to double check the form upon submission as you will not be allowed to log in and edit the form anymore.

11. Is my personal data safe ?
All information collected will be used for employment purposes only. No personal data will be disclosed to other parties.

12. If I have other questions, what should I do ?
You are always welcome to contact us at mtjourney@hhlmail.com or (852) 2863 3199.