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EV Charging Stations

Over 30 chargers installed at various locations in Hong Kong

Hopewell Holdings is committed to building a green community. To promote the use of electric vehicles, the Group has installed over 30 chargers for electric vehicles("EV") in properties that it owns or manages, including the following for public access:

Hopewell Centre

Provision of Electric Charging Services (Total: 12)
Super Charger for Tesla: 6 nos. (11/F) & 4 nos. (10/F)
Medium Charger for Tesla: 2 nos. (12/F)

Panda Place

Provision of Electric Charging Services (Total: 10)
Super Charger for Tesla : 4 nos. (7/F)
Medium Charger: 6 nos. (7/F)

Wu Chung House

Provision of Electric Charging Services (Total: 9)
Standard (13A) Charger: 1 no. (3/F)
Standard (13A) Charger: 8 nos. (5/F)

BP Interational

Provision of Electric Charging Services (Total: 3)

Electric Vehicles Free Parking Privileges will be ended effective from 1st January 2016 Thank you for your attention

Apart from the above charging stations for public access, the Group has also installed charging stations in other residential properties such as Broadwood Twelve and Broadwood Villa for the use of residents and visitors.

* Tesla Quick Charge Station
* * Terms and conditions apply

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